Who am I ?

I was born in Esch-sur-Alzette on 23 July 1955 and was, among other things, a railwayman, head of a computer company, journalist and then parliamentary attaché at ADR. Currently retired, I produce documentaries under the “4K Films Lux” logo.

Son of Mimi and Jules Kleeblatt, I was born in Esch-sur-Alzette (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) and I spent part of my youth at the boarding school of the Athénée royal de Bastogne (Belgium).

To At the age of 15, I joined the railway as a student and then worked in the stations Esch-sur-Alzette, Bettembourg, Dudelange, Berchem and Belvaux.

Later I discovered the computer. After writing a programs for accounting and payroll management, I created the company Softlux.

When the company had to be dissolved, I worked full-time for the “Républicain Lorrain” (French Newspaper) and then I went to the newspaper “Le Quotidien” when it was founded in the fall 2001. For these two publications, I was mainly affected by under the headings “Politics” and “social business “. For the Quotidien, I managed the weekly page dedicated to automobiles and motorcycles.

After I retired, I took courses in history and Luxembourgish language and culture at the University of Luxembourg as a free auditor. Afterwards I trained as a tourist guide for the south (ORT Redrock) and the centre (ORT Guttland) of Luxembourg and I regularly practice as a guide.

After producing a television program for the ADR party since spring 2019, broadcast on .DOK (a “citizen channel”), I created an independent Youtube channel to direct various documentaries on events in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

I am the father of two children, Sven and Angie.

I have many hobbies among them motorbike is in the first place. I also like to take pictures and travel with enthusiasm.

Since many years, I am Baha’i.

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